The CPADD offers several training courses (in French, Portuguese and English) for civilian and military personnel. It meets the needs of humanitarian demining programs and peacekeeping operations in Africa.

These training courses are open to men and women interested in working in the field of humanitarian demining, to those who already have operational experience in the field of mine action, and to officials from international organizations, National mine action centers, NGOs and even demining organizations.

it’s :In conformity with the International Standards of Action Against Mines (IMAS) issued by the GICH-D;
Multidisciplinary because they cover the majority of the technical skills required for humanitarian demining operations;

  • Modular according to the specific needs of the applicant, and transposable in partner countries.
  • The CPADD has the possibility to deploy, trainers in countries affected by the mine problem, who request it.
    The diplomas awarded by the CPADD are recognized by the States and Organizations involved in mine action (UNMAS, GICH-D, HI).

Profile of trainees
Officers or senior non-commissioned officers of the African armies, chiefly engineers.
Frameworks of international organizations, national mine action centers, non-governmental organizations, and even business enterprises operating on the African continent.
Men or women trained as a deminer or have proven operational experience in a mine action program.
Number of trainees per training session:
24 interns per internship for a capacity of two simultaneous courses. Since its creation, nearly 1,800 specialists have been trained, coming from 34 African countries (Francophone, Anglophone and Lusophone).

Evaluation of the training offered for the year 2016 at the CPADD
16 courses representing 279 trainees trained in 2016:

– 14 courses in French (5 SALW, 2 PSSM, 1 IACQ, 2 EOD1, 1 EOD2, 2 EOD3 and 1 training of trainers)

– 2 internships in English (EOD1 and peacekeeping training)

Participation of two nations (instructors EOD-IEDD) and organizations involved in mine action:

la France
Several external stakeholders from organizations (UNMAS, GICH-D, HI, CCLAM, GEODE)…


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