Aim :

This course is designed to train technicians in Physical Security and Stockpile Management. They must be able to hold the function of chief of ammunition depot or storekeeper (directed by his chief of ammunition depot). He must be able to conduct technical operations in the ammunition depot and be able to manage all security aspects.

Objectives :

  • Be able to manage the ammunition depot.
  • Be able to implement an organization in the ammunition depot.
  • Be able to implement an accounting document in an ammunition depot (with a qualified accountant).
  • Be able to draft physical security measures in an ammunition depot.
  • Be able to conduct a technical surveillance on stockpiled ammunitions in an ammunition depot.
  • Be able to participate in the drafting of safety distance measures and safety measures in the danger zone.
  • Be able to plan the destruction of reformed ammunitions or the logistical destruction.
  • Establish an investigative procedure on a pyrotechnic accident in an ammunition depot.
  • Etre apte à mettre en place un stockage temporaire.
  • Be able to establish a temporary stockpile.


Duration of the course:

06 weeks (including reception and departure formalities)


Fixed cost per trainee:

See “Inscription Modalities”


Admission terms :

  • Holding the diploma « EOD level 2” provided by CPADD or another structure after approval of the Director of Studies of CPADD (essential prerequisite).
  • Be a lower officer or a higher NCO, if possible in an operation structure, or
  • Being part of a national structure, a national or international organization.
  • Having an advanced knowledge on ammunitions of the national stockpile. Having an advanced knowledge on the built structures and on the national ammunition accounting system (strongly desired).
  • Having a large potential and the needed intellectual capabilities to follow this course.
  • Being physically and psychologically fit to voluntary work in a team in an hazardous environment.


Comments :

  • This course is subject to a language test, weekly tests and final tests.
  • CPADD reserves the right to exclude the trainee for disciplinary, medical or attendance reasons.
  • The trainee must get an average of 12/20 or more to obtain a diploma.
  • The storekeeper course is a full-scale training.


Contents of the course:

The allocated hours for the objectives will be distributed as follows:

  • Theory: 136 hours
  • Practical: 88 hours
  • Course environment: 16 hours


TOTAL : 240 hours