Form and content of course: EOD1



  • Train personnel capable of working as a deminer, to participate in disposal operations of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in a military unit, in a demining center or in a Governmental Organization (GO), in a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) or in a national/international humanitarian demining structure.
  • The “EOD level 1” is able to locate (detect), to reveal (if object is buried) and to destroy on order and on site of studied mines and munitions.


Duration of the course:

04 weeks (including reception and departure formalities)


Fixed cost per trainee:

See “Inscription Modalities”


Admission terms:

  • Being NCO or member of the engineers or any other weapon or army, if possible in an operational structure, or
  • Being part of a national structure, a national or international organization or a national demining center or a humanitarian demining GO or a humanitarian demining NGO,
  • Being physically and psychologically fit to voluntary work in a team in hazardous environments.



  • This course is subject to a language test, weekly tests and final tests.
  • CPADD reserves the right to exclude the trainee for disciplinary, medical or attendance reasons,
  • The trainee must get an average of 10/20 or more to obtain a diploma.


Contents of the course:

The 3 levels of EOD courses handle 10 identical general objectives. The allocated time for each objective differs depending on the course.

The content of the EOD level 1 course contains following objectives:

  • Objective n°0: course environment (16 hours).
  • Objective n°1: the EOD level 1 operator knows the demining environment (4 hours).
  • Objective n°2: the EOD level 1 operator studies the explosives and explosives tools (24 hours).
  • Objective n°3: the EOD level 1 operator studies the munitions (28 hours).
  • Objective n°4: first aid and communication (32 hours).
  • Objective n°5: locating and safe access (39 hours).
  • Objective n°6: post-task activities (0 hour).
  • Objective n°7: mine risk education (0 hour).
  • Objective n°8: quality management (1 hour).
  • Final objective: end exercise (16 hours).


TOTAL : 160 hours