• Train staff capable of working as a deminer, to participate in disposal operations of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in a military unit, in a demining center or in a Governmental Organization (GO), in a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) or in a national/international humanitarian demining structure.
  • The « EOD level 3 » is able to conduct procedures to disable and neutralize any type of explosive ordnance on which he was formed.
  • It may be necessary to hold the team leader title (autonomous punctual interventions).


Duration of the course :

08 weeks (including reception and departure formalities)


Fixed cost per trainee:

See “Inscription Modalities”


Admission terms:

  • Holding the diploma « EOD level 2” provided by CPADD or another structure after approval of the Director of Studies of CPADD (essential prerequisite).
  • Being a higher officer or NCO, preferable a member of the engineers, or any other weapon or army, if possible in an operational structure, or
  • Being part of a national structure, a national or international organization or a national demining center or a humanitarian demining GO or a humanitarian demining NGO, and having sufficient operational experience.
  • Having experience in demining or depollution operations.
  • Having a large potential and the needed intellectual capabilities to follow this course.
  • Being physically and psychologically fit to voluntary work in a team in hazardous environments.



  • This course is subject to a language test, weekly tests and final tests.
  • CPADD reserves the right to exclude the trainee for disciplinary, medical or attendance reasons.
  • The trainee must get an average of 12/20 or more to obtain a diploma.


Contents of the course:

The 3 levels of EOD courses handle 10 identical general objectives. The allocated time for each objective differs depending on the course.

The content of the EOD level 3 course contains following objectives:

  • Objective n°0: course environment (37 hours).
  • Objective n°1: the EOD level 3 operator knows the demining environment (8 hours).
  • Objective n°2: the EOD level 3 operator studies the explosives and explosives tools (27 hours).
  • Objective n°3: the EOD level 3 operator studies the munitions (107 hours).
  • Objective n°4: first aid and communication (20 hours).
  • Objective n°5: locating and safe access (83 hours).
  • Objective n°6: post-task activities (4 hours).
  • Objective n°7: mine risk education (10 hours).
  • Objective n°8: quality management (8 hours).
  • Final objective: end exercise (16 hours).


TOTAL : 320 hours