Aim :

Give trainees the capacities to prepare and support the actions of intervention teams:

  • by searching, detecting, locating, marking, identifying and reporting, when the presence of explosive ordnance is suspected.
  • by informing the authorities on the incurred risks and on the procedures to be used.
  • by taking immediate safety measures
  • by transferring the situational elements to intervention specialists.

Duration of the course:

03 weeks (including reception and departure formalities)

Fixed cost per trainee:

See “Inscription Modalities”

Admission terms :

  • Being a lower officer or NCO, preferable a member of the engineers, or any other weapon or army, if possible in an operational structure, or
  • Being part of an international organization or a national demining center or a humanitarian demining organization.
  • Having experience in demining and/or depollution.
  • Having a general knowledge in munitions.
  • Having a large potential and the needed intellectual capabilities to follow this course.
  • Being physically and psychologically fit to work in a hazardous environment.



  • This course is subject to final tests.
  • CPADD reserves the right to exclude the trainee for disciplinary, medical or attendance reasons,
  • The trainee must get an average of 10/20 or more to obtain a diploma.

Contents of the course:

The EOR course handles 5 general objectives:

  • Objective n°0: course environment
  • Objective n°1: knowing the demining environment
  • Objective n°2: kwowing the Improvised Explosive Devices and the Chemical Improvised Devices
  • Objective n°3: organise and conduct a reconaissance
  • Objective n°4: report and advise the command staff on the measures to be applied
  • Objective n°5: restitution

TOTAL : 105 hours