Course objective:
Training of physical security technicians on stocks of small arms and light weapons – gunsmiths.


Training period :
02 weeks (including check-in and check-out)


Lump-sum cost per trainee:
See “Terms and Conditions”


Conditions of admission :
Being a non-commissioned member or non-commissioned member of any other Army or Army, if possible a so-called operational structure or,
Belong to a national structure, a national or international organization.
Be physically and psychologically fit to work in an enclosed environment.


This course is subject to a level test, weekly tests and final tests.
The CPADD reserves the right to exclude the trainee during training for disciplinary, medical or attendance reasons.
The trainee must obtain an average of more than 10/20 to obtain his diploma.


Training content :
The content of the course “weapons store manager” is articulated around the objectives below:

• Objective n ° 0: Course environment (6 hours).
• Objective 1: Understand international standardization on the physical security of the storage of small arms and light weapons. (2 hours).
• Objective 2: To understand the standardization at the level of the African continent (adapted to the countries present in the training). (2 hours).
• Objective 3: Understand and apply the concepts of human security related to the proliferation of SALW. (4 hours).
• Objective 4: Understand and apply the physical security rules related to the storage of SALW. (36 hours).
• Objective 5: Knowledge of active substances related to SALW. (6 hours).
• Objective 6: To know the SALW and their most common cartridges on the African continent. (10 hours)
• Objective 7: Understand and apply the SALW maintenance rules. (8 hours).