Aim :

This course is designed to train technicians in Physical Security and Stockpile Management. They must be able to conduct basic storage operations.

Under the authority of a Stockpile Manager in an ammunition depot, he must be able to:

  • Record and registrate the movements of incoming and outgoing ammunitions on ad-hoc accounting documents, within an ammunition depot.
  • Implement taught security rules and be able to realize non-compliant solutions.



  • Understand and implement the Physical Security and Stockpile Management.
  • Knowing the generalities about the families of stored ammunitions.
  • Know everything about identifying ammunitions, packagings or pallets which may be incoming from or outgoing to the national stockpile.
  • Understand and implement the general ammunition safety rules.
  • Understand and implement all ammunition depot security rules.
  • Know and apply the rules of stockpiling.
  • Verify the application of electricity rules, lightning protection rules, and radio frequencies risks rules.
  • Know and implement the manipulation, handling and transportation rules.
  • Be able to participate in the maintenance of the depot for its physical security.
  • Be able to participate in the destruction of non-storable ammunitions.
  • Be able to propose corrective measures to the implemented rules and therefore know and apply them.
  • Be able to implement fire prevention measures and be able to use the present alerting means and be able to participate actively in evacuation situations.
  • Check all fire prevention means and their permanent accessibility.
  • Be able to record the incoming and outgoing ammunitions and be able to keep track of the NEQ of the ammunition depot.
  • Know the opening and sealing operations of primary packagings (sealing or strapping).


Duration of the course:

02 weeks (including reception and departure formalities)


Fixed cost per trainee:

See “Inscription Modalities”


Admission terms :

  • Being a lower NCO or NCM, if possible in an operational structure, or
  • Being part of a national structure, a national or international organization.
  • Having a knowledge on ammunitions of the national stockpile (highly desired).
  • Having a large potential and the needed intellectual capabilities to follow this course.
  • Being physically and psychologically fit to voluntary work in a team in an hazardous environment.



  • This course is subject to final tests.
  • CPADD reserves the right to exclude the trainee for disciplinary, medical or attendance reasons.
  • The trainee must get an average of 10/20 or more to obtain a diploma.
  • The storekeeper course is a full-scale training.


Contents of the course:

The allocated hours for the objectives will be distributed as follows:

  • Theory: 33 hours
  • Practical: 26 hours
  • Course environment: 16 hours


TOTAL : 80 hours