Five days after taking up his post, Battalion Chief Abdou Moudjibou ABDOULAYE, Director of CPADD, received the 4th team of trainees from the 28th Nigerian War School Course, headed by a staff of four (05) generals , a University Professor and support staff. This delegation stayed in Benin from February 9 to 15, 2020 as part of their study trip. The CPADD stopover allowed them to discover the prestigious Humanitarian Demining Center in Benin.
After the civilities on arrival, the delegation was treated to a detailed presentation of the center, a brief tour of the facilities and then a demonstration of EOD intervention. As in such circumstances, a cocktail offered by the Director of the Center put an end to the program planned for this purpose. Before taking leave of his hosts, the Head of delegation, Air Cdre DG Prayero, on behalf of his trainees, hinted at the joy that animates him to have had the opportunity to visit the CPADD and promised to provide his support. for continuous radiation from the center.