These are the different steps that you need to take if you want to follow a training in CPADD:

  • Learn about the training content that you can find  in the section EDUCATION
  • Verify that you meet the admission requirements
  • Verify that the training is scheduled in the section PLANNING
  • Take notice of the cost of training in the section REGISTRATION PROCEDURES / RATES
  • Follow the procedure detailed in the section REGISTRATION PROCEDURES / PRACTICAL PROCEDURES Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


The courses of CPADD are open to all. Placement fees are calculated per day of presence in CPADD. The daily cost is 70 € per day. However, if you belong to a partner structure of CPADD and that this partner puts you in a training center, you get a special rate of € 60 per day.

This amount covers the actual training, working documents, redemption of instruction equipment, the compensation of external actors, the cost of accommodation and food, the center’s expenses and a cost of 5 000 FCFA/week.

Transportation costs, the visa and repatriation insurance remain the responsibility of the trainee or the beneficiary organization of the training.

Regulation of the participation fee is due before the first day of the course. The funds must be transferred to a current account whose details are as follows:



Bank code Branch code Account number Check digits Domiciliation
BJ061 01002 007252030004 64 BANK OF AFRICA BENIN
IBAN : BJ66 BJ06 1010 0200 7252 0300 0464 BIC ADRESSE SWIFT : AFRIBJBJXXX



The current costs of courses are as follows:

Rate 1 (R1): The CPADD applies special rates for preferred partners who support it. For those, the applied daily cost is of 60 euros or 40 000 FCFA;

Rate 2 (R2): The course rates are established on the basis of a daily cost of 70 euros or 46 000 FCFA.

The rates 1 and 2 will be modified in june 2019, and that will be effectiv from the 1st august 2019.

If you need more informations you can contact us.

Practical procedures

To confirm your participation, you must send us the document below, no later than 3 weeks before the course begins. Upon receipt of your registration form, you will receive a confirmation of your registration, an invitation letter to facilitate your entry into Benin and the invoice for the course (which includes food, accommodation, school supplies and daily fee. This excludes travel costs between your home and Cotonou). The fixed cost of this training varies depending on its duration. The transfer must be paid before the course begins.